Monday, September 16, 2013

The One Where James Talks

After 3+ years here, we've made friends.

Non-family, real, actual, friends.

Which meant going out to a casual diner and enjoying dinner and drinks on a Friday night.

With James.

Now, we are the only ones with children that are human and not of the four legged variety.  At first we wondered how this would work, and after much discussion about how this was fine, we enjoyed a night out.

James was the perfect child, coloring and playing and munching on his snacks.  We ordered him a chocolate milk, and that was the greatest thing in the world apparently.

Seriously.  Over 2 hours of talking and laughing and him playing at the table.


So, time to say goodbyes came.  We were outside the restaurant, and took James to do the rounds and give hugs and kisses.  He was a ham and snuggled up to everyone, smiling at them all.

They'd parked at one end of the restaurant, and we were headed the opposite way.  As we started walking we did the yelling of "bye" across the parking lot.

And that is when he did it.

He let go of daddy, turned back, lifted one hand, waved, and yelled, "BYE!"

They all laughed and said it back while he smiled.

It's been 3 days and we can't get him to do it again for us.  But can we say overjoyed by one simple word?

Cause, yeah.  We kinda are.

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