Monday, September 9, 2013

The One Where I Think We're Doing It Wrong

The next big step for James will be potty training.

While I am going to be happy to be rid of diapers, I am wary because there are a couple of crucial things I think he needs to be able to do in order to have success:

Pulling down his pants.

Telling us he needs to go.

Currently, if I say I have to pee, he runs ahead of me to the bathroom.  He lifts the lid off the toilet and then waits.

If I sit too long, he will either motion at the roll of toilet paper or just help himself to some.  I have to be quick in either scenario because if I don't get it myself he will attempt to clean my tummy for me and then try to get the toilet paper into the toilet I am still sitting on.

As soon as I no longer have contact with the seat he is flushing, checking to see it all went down, and then closing the lid and waiting for the appropriate exclamation about what a great helper he is.

See, he has the steps down.  I don't think he know what I am actually doing at all, but he know what needs to happen after.

He still is not talking.

And I'm afraid to show him how to undress because that could lead to more messes.

Why does he have to grow up?

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