Thursday, September 19, 2013

Level Unlocked: Gamer At Age 2

One of my favorite stories about one of my "nephews" is the one where his parents had to take away his handheld gaming device.


Well, after the little guy (who is now taller than me) was having problems with staying awake in school, even with an earlier bedtime, they walked into his room to find him playing video games.  He'd hidden it away so that after everyone had gone to bed he could fire up his game and play until he couldn't any longer.

I remember doing that as a teenager.  He wasn't that old, so he gets points for starting young.

The husband and I talk about that and have often commented on how we'd have to be careful once James was older.  Make sure that we had accounted for all gaming systems, flashlights, and set a firm bed time.

I mean, our son is 2.  We have a few years.


Ha. HA I tell you!

At the beginning of this month we picked up Diablo III for the 360 and have been playing at night once James is in bed.  It's our time to talk and unwind, and we get about 2 hours a night together this way.

Yesterday, James spent time with his great grandparents, and so by 9 was dragging himself along.  We tucked him in, shut off the light, and closed the door.

At about 10:30, our game was paused because someone thought he'd heard a noise from his room.  We listened, but there was nothing, and I told my husband he was nuts.

20 minutes later we both heard something.  Something that sounded like an episode of Super Why.

From past experience, going in to disturb James in his sleep does not end well for anyone.  So we finished our level and logged out. 

The time was now 11:05pm.  Two full hours since we'd said good night.

I opened the door to his room and there he was, in bed, with the blankets still tucked around him, eyes half open, and barely focusing on me.

With his Leap Pad in front of him.

He'd apparently been watching Super Why and after it ended was playing with his digital pet, giving it a bath and treats.

Yes, he has figured out the apps on that thing.  And apparently he functions well in the dark.

Damn his night vision.

So, that great plan for the future?  It starts tonight.

Oh, and someone had better take a nap this afternoon.  His body may have wanted more sleep, but his stomach still had him out of bed because he was ready for breakfast.  It's either a nap or one nasty evening with a 2 year old.....

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  1. LOL that is too funny but you didn't expect anything different, did you? After all look at His Mom and Dad and you should have seen that one coming a mile away. :)