Monday, July 29, 2013

Never Ever Say You Have A Plan

We are still without carpet.  Which means that James is not home with us.

The weekends have meant time at a hotel so that I can spend every moment with him.  This has lead to swimming and play time at the mall and a dip into co-sleeping.

He has loved every moment of snuggling with me.  I sleep well with him next to me.  Overall it is a win.

Before we move on after our flooding we have to deal with how life is deviating from our plans.

The husband missed work for a week because of the flood.  Then he managed to catch a bug from James, and had to miss one more night.

By this point we had moved back in to concrete floors, so we moved his equipment back in so he could work from home.

And his work phone broke.

So he called in and explained the situation.  They said something about their attendance policy and asked him to submit a resignation letter rather than firing him outright.

With that our lives with 2 incomes came to an abrupt end.

The positive take away: we are out of debt again.  No outstanding bills over our heads, so we are just back on a budget.

Add to that a friend who manages a store in the mall who has been asking my husband to apply and help out 2-3 days a week, part-time.

Which leads to his job interview in 1 hour with her and hopefully him starting work again soon.

So, I'm not saying we have a plan anymore.  Every time we say that out loud then all hell breaks loose apparently.

Right now we have a direction.  An idea.  A glimmer.

And Friday we will have carpets and my son will come home.

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