Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Actually Envy Noah

When the great flood happened in the Bible, Noah received advanced warning, and so had his belongings, family, and all those animals all set to go.

There was not rush or worry about what would happen to their belongings.

Especially not their electronics.

Last Wednesday there was some flooding in Roanoke, and our apartment was a part of it.

Enough so that the carpeting in our bedroom could be seen FLOATING in the center where there were no carpet tacks holding it to the ground or padding.

Once more, even in the worst scenario, we lucked out.

James was in his crib - supposed to be napping, but not really doing that - and we were all home.  We saw it in the living room, so I called the landlord/property guy, and he said he would be over within the hour.

And here is where timing is our friend.

Working from home, I'm normally in shorts and shirt or a nightgown.  That day was nightgown day, so I had to go back to our room - the 1 room in the place exposed to the outside on more than 1 wall - to get some clothes on before we had anyone come in.

The carpet was wet.  Really wet.  And I yelled for my husband.

The next 90 minutes was a blur.  Great grandparents were called for James, all electronics were unplugged and moved to higher ground, and my niece was getting her things up and then moving to James' room to get all his things up off the ground.

I don't know how, but we are only losing 5 pieces of furniture: 1 bookcase, a nightstand, 2 dressers, and my husband's desk.  Nothing else was lost or ruined.  I think that's the fastest we have ever moved.

Working from home has helped us both in the last 3 years, but Wednesday would have been an even bigger disaster if we had not been there.  A typical workday would have meant another 2 hours before either of us was home to see the damage.

We spent 3 nights in a hotel, and tonight will be our 3rd with my MIL.  James has spent all but 2 nights with his great grandparents.  He actually seems upset to leave their house when we have taken him.

This was the first morning that I haven't had to run around and move things or drive people or take care of anyone.

I slept 11 hours last night because of that knowledge.

Work begins again tomorrow.  I was supposed to be on vacation and at Myrtle Beach with James, but life happened as it always does, and so a real vacation is on hold.

Noah had a plan and was lucky.

Right now I just want to sleep for another 12 hours if that's okay.

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