Monday, December 10, 2012

Proving that Technology Does Teach

I've mentioned before that James loves the iPhone.

Not just holding it, but unlocking it, touching the typewriter buttons to make noise, and even watching the stock ticker go by.

We've had free apps for him from Fisher Price on my phone for over a year now.  There are a few, but he loves the Baby Animals app.

We love it even more after this morning.

At first, it was a great distraction.  Touch the screen and the animal made a noise and a woman's voice identified the animal.  Tilt the phone from side to side and the animal would slide down the screen and giggle.  The screen also knew when he had the phone upside down and would adjust so the character was still standing correctly. 

Want a new animal?

Touch the screen again.

Today we were playing along, and the animals were coming up in their normal order.


How do we know that he knows?

Because on top of making monkey noises for the monkey, James likes to growl for the baby tiger.  Before the baby penguin left the screen as he touched it, James growled for the tiger and then launched into giggles.

And of course was ecstatic when we applauded.

My son remembers the order of the animals as they are appearing.  And knows the sound to go with the one he likes.

Technology is winning as far as I'm concerned.

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  1. I agree with you. We use technology to teach our kids. It's just their reality now. And it works.