Thursday, December 6, 2012

On Sleep and Napping

A few months back, my husband read an article somewhere that talked about sleep for toddlers.

The article pointed out how much sleep on average that children of different ages needed.  It also made a point of stating that just because you let your child stay up later didn't necessarily mean they'd sleep later.  They would awaken when it was time to eat, so if you let them play because they didn't seem tired then you were just setting things up for disaster.

We discussed this after I returned from CA with James.  The time changes he went through made his sleeping patterns erratic, and while he was still a happy boy, there was no real rhyme or reason to his sleeping.

There were attempts to put him down earlier, but they'd last a night or two before he was sounding as if we were torturing him before he finally settled down to sleep.

Slowly, James has once again taken over with leading the way.

He is back to going to bed at 10 each night, waking closer to 9 in the morning.  We still get him in for a nap at 2, and he normally sleeps until 5.

That nap overlaps nicely with the last few hours of my workday.  I get to work on projects uninterrupted while A gets time to do laundry or clean up and then rest himself.

I love weekends when he sleeps in, because we all get to.  It just makes us all happier, you know?

The downside is that work is keeping me hopping right now.  The days are packed, so by the time James is asleep I am exhausted.  I still am up till almost midnight, but some nights I have been in bed and asleep not long after him.

Alone time for adults is hard to come by for now.  But we have his great grandparents to lean on, and we are going to be taking advantage of that soon.  There are movies to go see, and gift cards to be used!

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