Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tales From the Flip Side

Well, James and I made it to CA and back again. 

The trip out was easy.  He did well on both flights, getting antsy on the second one because he wanted to run around.  Luckily we shared a row with this wonderful woman who had 2 children at home and had traveled alone with them.  She told me not to worry about him, and played and talked to him even when he interrupted her reading.

The actual time on the ground was great.  I spent plenty of time with my sister, got to meet my niece's husband and talk with him, spent time with my mom  and brother, and met the children of my friends who are younger than James.

Biggest surprise: my aunt flew in from Indiana to surprise us and meet her great god son.  That was just the best.

I learned that change is not easy for someone so young, and bombarding him with change without his dad made it hard for him.  Since we've been back he has slept 12 hours each night and 4 hours each afternoon for his nap.

That is an insane amount of sleep, but he apparently needs it. 

My high school reunion was okay.

The people who mattered most to me were at my table.  Dinner was okay, though not worth $75 for a chicken breast and a scoop of mashed potatoes.  I will never understand the need to have a DJ there to blast music.  I would have preferred time to talk to people.  In the end, our group spent most of our time in the hallway, talking where we could hear one another.

The flight home was not the same as the one out there.

James refused to sleep.  We were on a red eye flight.

That's all I am saying about that.

I honestly have never seen him attempt to climb out of his stroller until he caught sight of his daddy at the airport waiting for him.  That was just the greatest thing.

Now we are readjusting to life again.

James misses his Aunty.  She played with him all day, and you can tell he misses that level of attention.  His appetite is back in full swing, and he is sleeping like he would prefer to hibernate.  His daddy is having to get out of vacation mode, and that's been like waking up slowly from hibernation.

Today is a better day, the best one since we returned.  And it will keep getting better.

Next trip will be via train and all 3 of us will be together.  I think it will be easier on all of us, and if so then we will be doing more visits, maybe even directly to Disneyland and then have them meet us there for a family vacation.

Time will only tell.

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