Tuesday, September 18, 2012

He Thinks He's Old

The biggest news for the adults in this household is the purchase of a newer vehicle.

Yes, we traded in the 1998 Lumina for a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan.

We, ladies and gentlemen, now own a mini van.

So, this last weekend we found ourselves wandering around WalMart, and playing in the electronics department. As James and I were wandering and babbling to one another, my husband went through a bin of CDs and found me something.

The Best of Journey. And it's the original Journey, with Steve Perry doing vocals.

Our new car has a cd player, so we went out to head home and immediately opened it to listen to on the way home.

Halfway there, from the passenger seat, my husband looked at me and smiled.

"I'm in a mini van with my wife, driving home with my son, and listening to Journey. I am officially old."

This had me laughing so hard.

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