Monday, June 11, 2012

Mommy Monday

I don't even know where the last 4 weeks have gone. Somewhere between surgery and visits, life just kept moving along.

So here are 4 more cards from my pile.

The first is from my husband's great aunt, which makes her James' great great aunt, right?

"Give plenty of hugs and kisses."

Done and done!

Next, James' great grandmother on A's mother's side.

"Get a nap while the baby is sleeping.  Let A get up with him at night. Ha! It will come to you after a while."

I love that it's perfect and simple, and she somehow let's me know in that last sentence that I'd get it after a bit.

And I have one here from A's godmother.  Actually, technically, she has been the godmother to A's mom, all her siblings, and all their children.

"Remember when you're stressed that Jesus loves you."

This was the same woman that would bless my pregnant belly every time I saw her, and still does that over James' head when he see her.  She is honestly a remarkable woman.

Finally, my BFF, D, who planned the shower while in Washington state, and flew out and took care of everything, including making the cake!

"Rest when you can.  Take deep even breaths to calm you and enjoy each and every stage.  It's all awesome.  I was gonna say drink heavily, but they told me that wasn't good.  LOL!"

I really do love all the women in my life!

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