Thursday, June 14, 2012

4 Weeks

I don't know where the last 4 weeks have gone to.  The last month has been a blur, and I am actually happy to be past the worst of it.

It started with James' surgery.  We ended up spending an extra night in the hospital because he wouldn't eat, and that is pretty much where the part of me that was being as tender as possible towards my poor baby realized we would never get to leave if I didn't go towards a more "tough love" approach.

So after force feeding my son, we took him home he following day.

We'd barely gotten ourselves into any sort of routine when my mother arrived.

I was so happy that James loved her almost immediately.  They talked and laughed together, and he was just ecstatic that someone was there to play all day everyday.  His 1 year portraits were hilarious, and there were shots with my mom that I plan to put in his room for him to see.  I'm also tempted to get a laminated copy of the picture so he can play or carry it around with him. 

Mom was only here for about a week, and then she returned home.  At the same time, I returned to work.

Let's just say the first weekend of June was hard.  I was exhausted, James was starting to get frustrated with his arm braces, and A just wanted to get a schedule for James again.

So going in to last week, we were burned out, trying not force James to wear the braces all day, but at the same time needing to keep an eye on him.

Then Thursday, just as James was starting to seem tired enough for bed, I received a text from an old friend.  He drives a truck, and had stopped in Roanoke for fuel and dinner.  When his delivery date was pushed out a couple of days, he realized we might be nearby.  20 minutes later, I have him and his cat in our car and am bringing them home for 48 hours.

So, they left Saturday night.  And next thing I know, it's today.  Thursday again.

James has seen his surgeon and I am throwing the braces out with the trash tonight.  He is free to be himself, chewing on fingers, eating cereal, and just enjoying freedom.

And now I need to finish making a grocery list for tomorrow's shopping and getting life back to what it was.

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