Friday, April 6, 2012

A Parting of Ways

Early on, we knew that James had issues with Shadow's fur.  But if there was no real direct contact then he seemed fine.

Then he began crawling.  And the weather warmed, the shedding began, and James had red eyes and a stuffy nose that had nothing to do with anything else.

I felt bad for Shadow.  With the now mobile intruder, he was hiding behind and under anything he could to avoid being watched and followed.  This has been a growing issue for the last month, and while the cat seems okay, he isn't happy.

Enter A's cousin and his fiance.

They are cat people.  She has one.  He wants one now that he is stationed with the Navy back on US soil in Virginia.

So, this weekend Shadow will be sent to a new home.  One where he will be able to have full reign of the place, with no small follower, and with all the love and attention he needs.

This was our first "baby", and I'll miss him.  Terribly. 

But he will be a few hours away and I cannot say how much I know he will be loved.

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