Thursday, February 4, 2010

No More Doctor

I just got a call from the doctor's nurse with an apology.

Apparently we were turned away from the pharmacy last night because the doctor forgot to sign the prescription order on Tuesday. So, no clomid this morning, but it will be ready tonight and I can take it after work and then keep going.

Since there will be no IUI, the doctor has decided that there is no need for the ultrasound. When I asked about the injection, the nurse placed me on hold. And then told me no need.

The doctor has decided that since we have proven that I am getting something, and even on the month that she didn't inject me I did ovulate, she wants me to just try from home.

So, tonight I get to buy clomid and ovulation tests. Take clomid for 5 days, and then start looking for ovulation. And have lots of sex.

February looks to be an interesting month....

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