Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My How the Time Flies...

I really don't know what happened to October.

Once the husband stopped working, things seemed to slow and calm, and life just is more....relaxed.

I honestly never realized how stressed I was for him.

Today was day 7 of taking pills to stimulate a cycle. Unlike last month, it looks like this time I may need to actually take all the pills to get this moving. We are still hoping for something next month, but the more time I get to spend enjoying my husband, the less anxious I am about it. I love our time together alone, and rather than stress about what isn't working, I have started to enjoy everything that does work between us.

And people, that is pretty much everything.

Especially now that he does the dishes!!

So now it's just waiting for the weekend and seeing where things will take us next...

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