Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's that time...

October is here, and with it comes a change to the weather.

I have decided that rather than stick to the traditional season names, Fall will now be referred to as Snuggle. And now I will get to explain why...

Have I ever mentioned that my husband runs hot? As in, his average body temp is always above 98.6 and so hot weather is more miserable for him. But when that passes, he is the strange man in t-shirts while everyone else is huddled under layers of sweaters and coats.

I tend to run cold. Now, I don't have any scientific fact to provide like my husband has with his medical records, but I am always cold unless it is at least 80 out. And in the summer, when the AC is on, I am wrapped in blankets.

So this time of the year is Snuggle because it is the start of the only period when we can sleep and watch television while sitting close on the couch. He won't be complaining about how warm it is when I lay my head on his leg, and I will get to absorb some excess heat while sleeping next to him.

That is if I get to get that close.

There is a definite downside to Snuggle, and it results in a sore neck and stiff muscles.

No pervs, it's not that. Whatever you were thinking, stop.

The problem is with our cats.

With the new season coming on so quick (it was in the 90s Sunday, rained Monday morning, and cold ever since), they haven't gotten to thicken out their coats for the cold. This results in the smaller one trying to get under the blankets on the couch, but only there. He doesn't want to be under the blankets in the bed, because apparently it's much nicer to wait for me to fall asleep and curl up close to my abdomen. While his bigger brother squeezes his big butt in between A and I to get warm.

So, now you have to visualize:

I sleep on my left side, in a half-fetal position. Pressed between my stomach and the edge of the bed is a cat trying to get warm. Behind me, on our queen size bed, my husband is normally on this right side, more on his stomach actually, and there is a 3-4 inch strip of bed between us. That Shadow has decided is his, so he slithers in there to sleep.

I'm pinned. Warm, but pinned. And currently still working off the stiff neck.

Welcome to Snuggle!

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