Thursday, April 23, 2009

News that has nothing to do with my ovaries!

I arrived home last night to see A a little.....well, worried.

My "family" here in CA is pretty small. Blood relations total 6 of us, and those additional people I choose to call family still total less than 30. We are pretty scattered, and see each other semi-regularly, but it's different. We've chosen to be a part of each other's lives, call each other family, and that makes gatherings fun for everyone.

My husband has a different view of family back in VA. His parents each have brothers and sisters and kids and I think now grandkids and nephews and nieces. He has several cousins, and his grandparents are there. They all live within easy driving distance, and getting just 1 side of the family together for a gathering must be interesting. I mean, our wedding had 35 people total in attendance and that to me was big. But that's just Thanksgiving with 1 side of the family for him.

We are leaving for VA on May 6th to spend a week there just visiting. No tourist stuff, just time with family. I really do love them, and I am looking forward to having dinner at home and spending time with his parents and sisters.

Yesterday A was informed that since we don't want to go to do anything touristy they've decided to plan a BBQ. With the entire family. Just to meet me.

I laughed. He growled. I am dying to meet them all, put faces to names. These people sent us cards and gifts last year, and I just can't wait. He's worried of what I will think of them. I just can't get over being part of such a huge family. We're both looking forward to the trip, and after saying I wanted to make a potato salad and meet them all he finally smiled and let me know he was ok with it after all.

I made sure to email my MIL today and let her know I was excited to meet everyone. She wrote back and laughed about his reaction. It was along the lines of "why are you subjecting my wife to those people?". Which only had me laughing harder.

So, what does one wear to a BBQ in Roanoke, VA to meet a large number of people that you are now related to?

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