Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You'd Think They Were Scalping Him

James will be 2 in 11 days.

I still think of him as my baby.  He is my little scruffy man.  Just look at that face!

The only thing I really wanted to do was get him a haircut before his birthday.  We are doing a party, and I have an outfit picked out, so I wanted to make sure he was cleaned up.
So that's what we did Saturday.
And I am so glad the place was empty.
He was fine until the lady touched him.  Then he spend the next 15 minutes crying as I held him in my lap and she trimmed him down.  There was enough hair on the floor when we were done to make a small Ewok.
And James was not happy at all.
That is the face of someone who is not so thrilled about what happened.
It is also the face of someone who is growing too fast for me.
After a trip to the grocery store, someone came home and played in the tub for 20 minutes and came out acting as if nothing had happened at all.

Can someone explain to me why boys head straight for rocks and mud as soon as they are clean?  It took my a bit to get the mud out from under his nails, but he is so happy playing there that I didn't want to make him stop.  The landscapers are going to hate us though.  My son has shown he has a strong throwing arm with all those rocks you see there. 

So, he's a little man now.  He looks like he is ready for business, and so much older.

All in 15 minutes.

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