Friday, May 3, 2013

A Farmer He Will Be

Yesterday, James went with his great grandparents to help prepare the backyard at his grandpa's house.

They started the planting for what great grandpa would like to grow this year.  We are expecting a wide assortment of peppers, tomatoes, corn, green beans, cantaloupe, and some zucchini and cucumber.

While great grandpa was planting, grandpa was setting up a canopy tent and backyard furniture for great grandma.

James came home exhausted.  Flat out exhausted.  He had been running all over the yard, playing with rocks and dirts, some old pots and pans, and "helping" for about 4 hours.  They bought him some fries for lunch, and he devoured those with his yogurt and a glass of milk.

When he woke up for 3+ hours of sleeping, dinner was no problem for a change.  He inhaled his macaroni and cheese.  He danced.  Then he snacked some more.  No whining.  Just happiness and joy and then bedtime with no whining.

My son the farmer, apparently.

Further proof he needs the time outdoors to be a boy.  And lots of it.

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