Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where Not Having A Plan Turns Out To Be The Plan

I was asked last week if we were going to subscribe to any specific parenting style.  The question was specifically about CIO, which I had to ask the writer for a clearer definition of because I didn't recognize the initials.

Apparently, that one stands for Crying It Out.

We don't have a plan.  Which is the plan.  To not have a plan.

Is that making sense?

I honestly admire those mothers who track naps and wet diapers and have a routine.  But I can't.  I feel horrible waking him to feed him.  I hate trying to force him to do things.  And I can't handle him being upset.

Which is why we never did get his 1 month portraits done at a portrait studio.  They wanted an appointment.  He wanted to sleep on his terms.  The baby won.

Maybe things would be a lot easier to plan if we did try to structure things.  But he has been sleeping an average of 6 hours a night since he came home.  He never just cries.  He wakes up on his own in his crib, will lay there making noises, and once he's completely awake the volume increases so we know it's time for food.  On his own he has started putting himself to sleep once he is laid down.  Without any crying or screaming.

And he smiles and laughs.  Wow does he smile and laugh.

I've never seen smiles like this that light up every part of the body and has him arching his back as he grins and talks to us.

So, no structure.

But so far, he isn't complaining.

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