Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Noticing a Change and Missing Pregnancy

Tomorrow will be 8 weeks since the baby was born.

And I miss being pregnant.

It isn't just the closeness with him.  We have that now.  He knows my voice and smell, and I love that I can tell he knows it's me. 

But it's the rest of it.  I miss that belly and the kicking.  My pregnancy was such an easy one that I would do it over again in a heartbeat.

Course, the recovery from the actual surgical portion of this whole thing has taken longer than I imagined to heal.  And we still aren't at 100% with that either, but it's almost done.

What I think is interesting is that most of my clothes already fit.  These were the clothes that were loose due to the diet last summer, so not a great thing, but at least I'm able to wear things.

Well, almost anyway.

I've always been a round shape.  It's part of the fluffiness that is me, and I've always dressed to be comfortable.  But in the last week, where we've been out and I've had to wear pants other than those meant to be slept in, I've notice the biggest change:

My mid-section, while not any larger than it was this time last summer, doesn't have the same shape when it comes to jeans.  Or anything other than a skirt, actually.

It's interesting.  I've read women talking about getting back down to pre-pregnancy weight or less and saying that their body shape has changed.  I didn't understand that until I noticed that my hips feel wider. 

This is so different from saying I'm fatter, cause that's not it.  It's just the way that the bones feel underneath....

It's odd.

But for now there is no budget for clothes.  So, our diet should be back in force, and once the healing is done I'll be back to regular exercise with no fear of infections or complications.  Then we'll see if I can do it again like I did last summer.

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