Friday, July 11, 2014

If You Are Still Out There, I Have A Story To Share

You deserve to laugh on a Friday.  I just hope if you are ready that you enjoy potty humor.


James is now 3, and not potty trained.

Please no judgement.  His usage of words is still not a lot, but he talks enough and knows things.  We get a new word a day, at minimum, that we didn't even know he knew.

That being said, I didn't want to potty train someone who wouldn't tell us what he needed to do.  He says "potty", but only when he is in front of it in the bathroom.  Otherwise he does his thing, and has taken to letting us know when he wants to actually be changed.

I have to note here that diaper changing is by his choice.  Unless he is uncomfortable, if you attempt to change him just cause he will fight.  Kid knows how to kick.

What I find interesting are his choices of words for things.

Since we are discussing diapers, let's go with this as examples.

We have a membership at the local recreation center that has an indoor pool.  We go at least 3 times a week, and James has a blast.  I'll tell you more about his time there another day.

Before going in the water, someone needs a swim diaper.  The ones we have are Huggies, and they place Disney characters all over them.  James has some Disney toys, and immediately recognized Nemo on them. 

Mind you, he has never seen the movie.  He just knows that the orange fish has a name, and that is Nemo.

After a few trips to the pool, James has taken to calling the swim diapers Nemo.  As in, we ask him if he wants to go the to the pool and he drops his shorts and says "Nemo!".  That is our indicator that he needs to be changed into the appropriate swim gear.

At home, things are a little more interesting.

Again, he doesn't want you to change him until he is ready.  If you attempt to change him because you can smell what he has done, he will run and hide in a closet.  That is an indication he has not finished pooping.

And once he has finished, then you know that he is ready cause he will come grab you by the hand and say, "Ewwwwwww".

Seriously not kidding on that one.  He is trying to lead his victim to the place where his wipes are, while saying "Ewwwwwww" to warn you as to what is to come.

That isn't even the funniest part of all this......

We use Huggies for his normal diapers.  Again, covered in Disney.  Specifically Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

Can you guess what he says when he has a pee soaked diaper that needs removal?

Yeah.  My son grabs at the front of his pants, which cover his diaper, and says, "Mickey Mouse!"

Some day we will have to teach him the correct thing to say, but for now it's a little amusing to be told it's time to change someone's pee by hearing the name of a beloved Disney character.

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