Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5 Things He Learned In 5 Weeks

We've been a family again for about a week now and there are some noticeable changes in James.

For better or worse, he has learned a lot this summer, and not from us.  His great grandparents have been actively involved as they basically took care of him for the 5 weeks we didn't have a home.

Here is what we've observed:

1) He can and will twist the top off the bottle of anything that can be twisted open.  From bubble solution to bouillon cubes, if it comes with a lid that can be unscrewed then he can get in to it.  I now understand why there is such a thing as child proof caps.

2) All door knobs are fair game.  All of them.  We have 1 cover to use to keep him from being able to open a door and have had to place it on my niece's door.  He just wants to go in there and see her.  And take her bottles of lotion.  Which is a problem due to item 1 on this list.

3) Climbing up on things has accelerated.  He has figured out all the beds, and likes to be up there with us all the time.  It's cute, but it scares my husband.  Apparently he walked out of the room to get a roll of toilet paper for our bathroom, walked back in 20 seconds later, and was greeted by James sitting in the middle of our king size bed smiling at him. This may not end well.

4) Going up and down steps is something he wants to do all the time.  And he prefers to attempt it alone.  He won't fight you taking his hand, but he gives this dirty look as if to say that he was doing fine without you.  This goes for steps in and out of buildings as well as the slide at the park and indoor pool.

5) Getting up in the glider/rocker and swinging his body in order to get movement is the greatest source of giggles ever.  They taught him "rock the baby" and so or glider has been moved from a corner of one room out to the living room so he can sit himself in it.  It's not an everyday thing, but I think it's a little safer than climbing on our bed.  For now.

Leaps and bounds.  He is learning and growing in leaps and bounds.

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