Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Confession: What My Baby Monitor is Really Used For

I have always been a sound sleeper.  I've been able to sleep through almost anything, and I honestly was worried that I'd sleep through the baby's cries in the night.

So the baby monitor was put on the registry, and it was one of the items gifted to us.

What I didn't realize was that the mommy instinct would kick in so well.  I am normally awake a few minutes before the monitor picks him up, using my Spidey-sense to get a start on waking up before getting the baby.

My husband....not so much.

Do we actually use the monitor?

Yes.  But I have a confession:

If I want to be the one who stays in bed then I leave it on.

Let me explain.

When I awaken and decide I am ready to start, I will switch off the monitor and go start the baby's day.  Daddy gets some extra time to sleep, and I get quiet time with my little man.

But on those days when I just want my bed and warmth and just 5 more minutes....  Well, I may get up to deal with fussing, but I leave the monitor on when I come back to wait for the baby to actually want to get out of bed.  So, while he talks to his mobile or giggles, I get to enjoy those sounds from my cozy end of the bed.

For some odd reason, daddy doesn't think those noises are all that cute.

In fact, they don't let him keep sleeping.

So, he will get up, switch off the monitor, and get the baby after he's made his coffee.

Does the baby lay there crying?

No.  He actually spends about 20-30 minutes after waking from each sleep playing with his mobile and laughing at the animals circling his head.  He's a happy camper.

But once daddy is out of bed, I know I can stretch and nap a little longer.

Just don't tell daddy what mommy is doing, okay?

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  1. Just found you from a Blog Her ad. Hilarious!!!! My husband sleeps through EVERYTHING too!